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Cold-Formed Steel for Students


Cold-formed steel members for decades have been used as secondary members in both steel framed and concrete framed structures. In recent years cold-formed steel members have also been assigned the task of providing the load bearing system for low- and mid-rise structures. With the increased use of cold-formed steel members and connections there is a need to provide student’s more information for the design, fabrication and erection of cold-formed steel structures.

The development of this website is a collaborative effort of the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute of the Steel Framing Alliance and the Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures.

This website provides an introduction to cold-formed steel, the cross sections used for cold-formed steel framing and the appropriate design specifications. Also list of design aids are provided for more in depth study and for your future career reference. If you have a question regarding material presented on this website or a question pertaining to cold-formed steel applications and design the Ask the Professor tab is available

Finally, there is no substitute for doing your own homework – you are strongly encouraged to explore the resources of this website and become more informed of the various attributes of cold-formed steel framing.

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